Wow. That's the first word I think of to describe Chris and Joni's wedding. I could talk about the wedding all day- about the beautiful home Joni and her bridesmaids got ready in, about the drop-dead gorgeous scenery of Lake Coeur d' Alene and the insane sunset over the lake, or about how much fun the entire wedding party had- that can all explain itself through the photo gallery. As great as all of these things are, it was the love between Chris and Joni, and the source of that love, that made the wedding as beautiful as it was. Chris and Joni are some of the most selfless people I have been around, and are COMPLETELY SMITTEN with each other- just completely over the moon and back again for one another. Nothing makes my job easier than photographing a couple who can't get over each other, who know how hard the days ahead may be, but clearly show how excited they are to spend the rest of their lives together. Their love is so, so contagious. It flows from them, through their faith in a God who has shown shown that love for them and gives them everything they need to pursue and sacrifice for each other in the great adventure of life that lies ahead. No wonder their love is contagious. I so enjoy the time I spend with couples and the passion they bring to my work- I hope you enjoy viewing photos from their wedding day as much as I enjoyed creating them. Congratulations Mr &  Mrs Masciotra, I know you can take on the world together!